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      Stanton McCandlish
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        Please let us know if you run across vendors (on the Web or at Highland games events) who actually have stuff for sale in the McCandlish tartans. It’s always cool to find new stuff. So far I have run across tea towels in the red version, a scarf in the green, printed cotton cloth in the red (for crafts; kilts are made of woven wool), a hand-made lamp (of all things), and a few other items. I’m not certain the cloth is still available from the vendor in question. I’ll post an update if it is.

        As for the elephant in the room: where and how to get kilts and wool tartan cloth will be something I’ll cover on the site as more information becomes available, and after I hear back from DC Dalgliesh (the major tartan weave-to-order company) that they’ve corrected the thread-count errors their site shows as of this writing.

        If you’re hot to get a kilt right now, provide the thread-count infomration from the Tartan page to any kiltmaker and they can special order it. This is safer than just telling an online shop you want McCandlish and hoping they get it right.

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