About This Site

This site is operated by Stanton McCandlish, a technology consultant, book author, and genealogist in Oakland, California.

It was started in 2022, as a stand-alone website to replace a long-gone series of earlier webpages on the subject dating to the 1990s.

The primary purposes of the site are:

  • to provide information about Cuindlis and modern names derived from it;
  • to promulgate correct information about the McCandlish tartans (after two tartan registries got it wrong in the 2000sā€“2010s);
  • to promulgate correct information about McCandlish heraldry (after two sources got it wrong in the 19th century);
  • to begin organizing a Cuindlis Families Association non-profit organization.

Secondarily, the site will:

  • host a forum for genealogical, kilt/tartan, and other discussions;
  • provide some background materials that may be of interest to family-history researchers.

Presently, most of the materials on the site are the work of a single researcher, though this should change over time. Sourcing is inspired by that used at Wikipedia, including what constitutes a “reliable source”. The site is built on WordPress, and is written in Oxford English (colour, organize; and use of the “Oxford comma”).