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      Stanton McCandlish
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        [From our user Rosie, originally posted as a comment to one of the site’s main “Posts”:]



        (if you click on Janet Stewart in this line {above} it shows descent from James IV)

        Hi Stanton,

        I found this entry for my father – I found comparing the different Magna Charta Barons lines’ very helpful for ancestries. Of course, they still have to be proven for any membership societies. Also, I found Janet Stewart by going to the de Vere line and then clicking at the bottom of the listing for ‘explore more’. It is a lot of fun! I had no idea I had most of these lines, and I imagine you will find lots as well. Good hunting!



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        Stanton McCandlish
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          I’m having a little difficulty following how all these relate.

          The first link is an interesting article on Janet Stewart, whose daughter married both a Montrose and another Stewart. But no clear connection to McCandlesses. She and her issue don’t seem to appear in the lineage list in the third link.

          The second link is to a lineage comparison tool at WikiTree, but I’m not sure who we’re supposed to be comparing.

          The third link has a McCandless/McCanles (notables: David Colbert McCanles, Byron & Bruce McCandless, etc.) female-line ancestry going back quite a ways, and may help explain various claims over the years relating to Gordon and Campbell clan connections, and has Stewarts/Stuarts in there again, but I’m not seeing a connection to the Janet Stewart in the first link.

          I checked out the “Robert de Vere (abt. 1240 – bef. 1296)” entry and “Joan (de Vere) de Warenne (abt. 1264 – bef. 1293)” entry at the third link, but no “explore more” option is available there. Maybe I just don’t know enough about the WikiTree site yet.

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            Hi Stanton,

            If you go to the 14th generation you will find Janet Stewart, Lady Fleming. She is the illegitimate daughter of King James IV of Scotland. Agnes Stewart is her mother, so Janet is a Stewart Stewart. She was the governess of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her daughter, Mary, was one of the ‘Four Marys’ her attended her.

            23rd great grandson (Uncertain)
            1. Bruce is the son of Byron McCandless (1881-1967) [confident]
            2. Byron is the son of Julius Alexander (McCanles) McCandless (1852-1943) [confident]
            3. Julius is the son of David Colbert McCanles (1828-1861) [confident]
            4. David is the son of James M McCanles (1796-1869) [confident]
            5. James is the son of Catherine (Wasson) McCanles (1775-1830) [unknown confidence]
            6. Catherine is the daughter of John Wasson (1740-abt.1825) [unknown confidence]
            7. John is the son of Elizabeth (Woods) Wasson (1720-1766) [confident]
            8. Elizabeth is the daughter of William Woods (1695-1758) [unknown confidence]
            9. William is the son of John Woods (1654-) [confident]
            10. John is the son of Isabella (Bruce) Woods (1640-1686) [confident]
            11. Isabella is the daughter of Patrick (Bruce) Bruce of Newtown (1595-1655) [uncertain]
            12. Patrick is the son of Jean (Fleming) Fleming Lady Airth (abt.1566-1630) [confident]
            13. Jean is the daughter of John (Fleming) Fleming Fifth Lord Fleming (abt.1530-abt.1572) [confident]
            14. John is the son of Janet (Stewart) Stewart Lady Fleming (abt.1502-1562) [confident]
            15. Janet is the daughter of Agnes (Stewart) Stewart Dowager Countess of Bothwell (abt.1469-1557) [confident]
            16. Agnes is the daughter of James (Stewart) First Earl of Buchan (abt.1442-abt.1499) [confident]
            17. James is the son of James (Stewart) Stewart Black Knight of Lorn (abt.1395-aft.1451) [confident]
            18. James is the son of Isabel (MacDougall) Stewart (abt.1364-1439) [confident]
            19. Isabel is the daughter of Joanna (Isaac) MacDougall (abt.1337-bef.1399) [unknown confidence]
            20. Joanna is the daughter of Matilda Bruce (bef.1321-1353) [confident]
            21. Matilda is the daughter of Elizabeth (Burgh) Queen Consort of Scotland (abt.1289-1327) [confident]
            22. Elizabeth is the daughter of Richard (Burgh) de Burgh Knt (abt.1259-1326) [confident]
            23. Richard is the son of Aveline (FitzJohn) de Burgh (abt.1235-1274) [unknown confidence]
            24. Aveline is the daughter of Isabel (Bigod) Fitz Geoffrey (abt.1213-) [unknown confidence]
            25. Isabel is the daughter of Hugh (Bigod) le Bigod (abt.1185-bef.1225) [confident]
            This makes Hugh the 23rd great grandfather of Bruce.

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            Stanton McCandlish
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              Got it! Thanks for clarifying. I’m guessing that this new list was generated (via your second link) by doing a compare between Bruce McC and Hugh (Bigod) le Bigod?

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