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Stanton McCandlish
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    Unlike C. E. McCandless (who changed names, merged or omitted generations in some family lines, etc.), I think S.A. McCandless did a remarkable job on her own genealogy. What concerns me (as outlined on the “Unverified Claims” page) are the number of very bold claims (Highlands origin, a chieftainship, major landholdings, particular clan connections, a castle that went into Chancery ca. 1890s, a Gen. McCandless in PA, etc.) for which there is no evidence yet outside of S. A. McCandless’s own assertions. I think her claims (aside from the outright wrong linguistic ones) should not be dismissed out of hand, but subjected to some future research. I would really like them to be proven correct. (One of the reasons I think a family association is needed is to organize and fundraise for a genealogical/historical fact-finding trip. In 30+ years, I have not gotten any closer to verifying’s S.A. McCandless’s ideas; it’s probably going to take boots on the ground in Scotland.)

    Arthur’s Rest: Could you please provide the full publication details? I’d love to be able to add the author to the “Notables” page.